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Gonna try some mead

So with National Homebrew Day coming up on May 4 I am planning to do a brew session. One of my padawans mentioned something about wanting to try making some mead. Having tried a few local and commercial examples of mead I can say I am definitely NOT a fan. I have found them all to be more than cloyingly sweet and undrinkable. But in the interest of science, and just to be able to say “I did that”, I have decided to try some 1 gallon batches. My plan is to do a two batches in the JAO style (dump it in and forget it). I am not looking for anything high-octane nor do I want something ungodly sweet. Here are the recipes I was going to look at doing. Joe’s Ancient Orange is going to be one batch and I’m not sure about the other.

Joe’s Ancient Orange
3-4 lbs Orange Blossom honey
1 orange or 3 small clementines (or equivalent)
1 cinnamon stick
1 clove
1 small handful of raisins (approx. 25)
71b yeast

Peaches and Cream
3-4 lbs Orange Blossom or Wildflower honey
2-3 peaches, pit removed
1 vanilla bean
71b yeast

Pear Mojito
3-4 lbs Wildflower honey
2-3 pears (asian pears if can find)
1-2 sprigs of mint
71b yeast

Dump all in 1 gallon jug. Top with water. Shake well to aerate. Add yeast. Check back in two months and maybe bottle if clear.

Not sure if I need to/should add the raisins to the other batch. I’ve heard it is primarily used as nutrients for the yeast. Also not sure about the amount of mint to use. I’m going for a subtle mint flavor but don’t want to end up with mouthwash. Figured I’d use 71b yeast to ferment everything to dry, but not sure if I need a whole packet per batch or if 1/2 packet will do. The more yeast the better I’m guessing. Any help on the recipes would be appreciated.

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