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Gonna take a science class in the fall

I’'m going to be taking a science class a part of my degree and was wondering what y’all thought would help me the most in brewing. I figured that maybe chemistry would probably be ones I could take to help me better understand chemical reactions going on in the mash and how pH effects that… I’m assuming the class I will be taking is a introductory class because I am only going for a associates degree in business.

Microbiology or biochemistry would be good, or a biology class might give you a little on microbes. I doubt you’d get enzyme reaction stuff in basic chemistry. They would explain acid/base and pH stuff though.

Shop class. Then you can build all kinds of cool things like fermentation chambers or stir plates etc.

I don’t think any entry-level chem or science class is likely to help you with brewing specifics, like yeast banking, but an exposure to the scientific methods for designing and performing experiments plus some work in root-cause analysis and deductive reasoning would be very useful in many aspects of the brewing process.

+1 on that reco.
My college was too much theory and not enough practical. I started out my life feeling so smart on the job, but then feeling utterly useless finishing my basement.

I wish I had classes in finish carpentry. I’d spend less time on home repair and have more time for family, and brewing.

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