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Golden Weekend Brewing

Hey Guys,

Check it out, my Homebrew Website:

Let me know what you think. Questions, comments…

  • Golden Weekend

Please read this like it’s coming from an amateur Writing teacher; it’s not intended to be internet trolling. It takes guts to put yourself out there. Keep going.

Think about the following: Who are you and why should I care? What’s your background? How long have you been at this? Why are you blogging this? What do you hope to to give, and what do you hope to get?

If you’re a small-time home brewer (as I am) then calling yourself a “Brewing Company” seems pretentious; Are you looking to go pro eventually? Or is the company thing meant more tongue-in-cheek?

You say you want to “inspire others” well, get on that message! Break down your brew day, and don’t just go on about the finished product. “Brewmaster Dave” helped with the recipe selection; how? What considerations? Inspire me! Make me leave your page thinking, “I want to try doing that”

On the other hand, amazing labels. Nice job. Tell me more.

Again, nice page, congratulations on your successes, keep going.

Thanks for the response, glad you enjoyed the labels, wish you could sample the beer too! I’m also a small-time home brewer, no plans to go pro (yet!). Calling it a brewing Co. is more for as you put it, “tongue and cheek,” we are more of a non-profit organization! The purpose of the website really is for friends who come over and drink the beer to be able to see pictures that are usualy taken. I thought it was a good idea to put a QR code on the side of the labels (rather than a bar code) so people could go to the site and look at pictures. The site also serves as a great way to let people know that a new home brew is ready. I am sure the site will evolve some as time goes on, and I will continue to update. Thanks for the input and recs.

  • GW

The labels are skillfully designed. Otherwise to me there is nothing interesting about the site–because there is so little meaningful content. The “company” angle makes it look like you’re an adult playing “brewer” like kids play “house” or “soldiers” or whatever. Regarding the labels, it seems like they could get you into trouble with state and federal alcohol control authorities, because they look like they could be approved labels and [I assume] they are not. You might want to double-check that. Maybe you’d be fine as long as you’re not selling the beer.

So I would suggest enhancing the content (JMcK gave you some good feedback above) and abandoning the “company” angle if you want this to be of interest to strangers on the Internet–which you seem to, since you asked for our opinion.

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