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Golden Stout?

Catching up on my Brew Dogs episodes and just saw the one in Vegas where they brewed a “golden stout”. For some reason this intrigues me. Did a search around and couldn’t find a recipe anywhere, though I did find the Luciferin ads and promotional stuff from the Stone/Brew Dogs 2010 collab they did (which for some reason I keep seeing this was an April Fools joke). Anyhoo…playing with a recipe based on what little bit of info I can get from anywhere:

10# Pale malt
2# flaked oats
2 oz. EKG (60 min)
1 oz. EKG (5 min)

Mash at 153. Secondary 2-4 weeks with the following:

1 whole vanilla bean
4 oz. cacao nibs
4 oz. French roast coffee beans (whole to minimize color leeching)
4 oz. medium toast French or Hungarian oak cubes (or mix of the two)


I’m intrigued.

This sounds good… but will it have the malt backbone to stand up to the flavors of the additions.

Sounds more like a “that was interesting, but I’ll have something else now” type beer.

Safale-05 might be too dry; not malty enough.

Will it have a light - dark malt sweetness with a hint of tangy bitterness.

Just me rambling, no worries.

Cascade Brewery in Portland has one that is mighty fine, and wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Other than that however, I’ve never seen another.

I would contend that a golden stout is as much or moreso a valid style than black IPA.

Thank-you, we tried it at the Oregon Gardens, but I couldn’t remember from where.

It’s Oblique B+W Coffee Stout.

I remember that it was good and my wife really liked it. She doesn’t like any dark beer.
Apparently the blond color made it appear to be lighter bodied than it was.

I was hoping I was on to something new and not yet done. A blonde stout was my plan. Dang.

I am playing with a blonde/pale stout recipe. I will report back after I brew tomorrow.

Mr. Octabird
American Made!

At first I thought the idea was some sort of joke.
But upon thinking about the concept, it became clear that in actuality, pale ‘stouts’ have been around for quite some time.

Think about the term historically: the name “stout” originated with ‘Stout Porter’, to indicate a stronger and more robust version of porter. So with that in mind, pale ‘stouts’ have technically existed for more than a century in the form of barleywine, so called ‘double’ IPA, and even strong lagers like Samichlaus.

But in the sometimes strange modern world of beer (where adding two extra hop cones or jacking up the ABV) seems to warrant labeling it as a new “style”, I guess ‘anything goes’.
It’s fun, for sure.

Well I have to rework my recipe for a blonde stout. Put that notion on hold, but I have a plan…

Mr. Octabird
American Made!

While in england I had a commercial example. The only reason I got it was because I was curious. ... stout.aspx

Rogue had a “sunset stout” in 2010. They made it for the return of the Oregon National Guard when they came back from Iraq. Unfortunately, it was just a special bottle that actually contained Dead Guy Ale.

It looks like more of a marketing thing, to catch peoples attention. The definition of “stout” has evolved beyond it’s old-time literal meaning. Pale stouts are seemingly just pale low hopped ales.

Found this beer years back when we used to be able to buy it in the US. caffrey’s irish stout :cheers: Awesome beer

Just tried to search up a recipe for you because I want to brew this beer as well. I found some forums stating Beer Smith has one but came up empty.

If anyone finds this recipe please hit me.

Was served with Nitro

Found it. ... 7e534f05a7

May be cooking this up this week.

I’ve got six bottles left from making this as an extract/partial mash recipe. Came out pretty good except for dry hopping too much whole coffee beans for too long. I think the next round I’ll be leaving out the coffee. I’ll post back my recipe later this weekend.

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