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Going to try my first liquid yeast.....a bit nervous

Out of curiousity mainly, I am going to try my hand at making a starter using liquid yeast. I am brewing the Irish red ale next weekend hopefully.
I ordered the omega ale yeast II ( as it was one of the choices with the extract kit). I also ordered the 1 liter starter kit that comes with some fast pitch canned wort. I figured it may help as I need to make the starter the day before brew day I think.
The OG on this beer is not too high so I am hoping my 1 liter starter will be enough. I will look into the pitch calculator to see if I can figure it out. I can read about this stuff for days, but it doesn’t sink in for me until the rubber meets the road and I have to actually do it.

As always I am open to any suggestions, words of wisdom etc.

This hobby has really become consuming. I think ups is going to request I build a receiving dock at my house.



Well then, if you’ve read alot about this, then not much more needs to be explained. Now you need to practice what you’ve read/learned. You really can’t go wrong, unless your sanitizing is very lack… The day before works, and maybe it will be at high krausen when you pitch it in your brew! I have been using the “shake the living bejesus into it” and I am very happy with my results. I do have a spray bottle with star san mixture in it, so when I need to tinker with some yeasties, I can spray my hands, and other things that will be used, for more added protection. Just dare yourself and see how it goes! Sneezles61

Here is some more reading.

You can also use a gallon pickle jar for a Shaken Not Stirred starter.

You can also make the starter a week before brew day and hold in the frig if you don’t want to try pitching at high krausen of the starter.

It will also be worth while to have a 2 liter flask for small starters. This will help prevent over flows of the starter krausen.

I’ve used this for 1.5 liter starters on a stir plate when the yeast has a reputation for being very active with a huge krausen…

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Thank you for the info. I never thought about headspace for the starter, I better find a larger container.

Before pitching the dry yeast I have always just followed the instructions to rock the brew back and forth in the fermentor for a few minutes to get some oxygen in it. Do I need to do anything different ? I see they of course have all kids of gadgets and systems for this but I am hoping to avoid having to buy anything else, and I always cringe a bit when having anything touching the beer.

Thank you for the help, it’s exciting stuff. The beer goes fast I noticed, I may need to look into doing 6 gallon batches.

I aerate the wort in my carboys by shaking the carboy back and forth for about 30 seconds then swirl to get the head of foam into the wort. Then repeat a few times. I’m done when I tilt the carboy and solid foam comes up from the bottom.

The carboy is between my feet on a piece of soft pine while I’m sitting on a stool. Not on the concrete floor.

Thanks! And great links you provided above, thank you!

When you pitch into the carboy do you just pour though a funnel? I use The plastic big mouth bubbler for primary, then I have a glass 5 gal carboy for a secondary.

I use a funnel to pour the yeast into the carboy. The smallest carboy I use for a 5 gallon brew is 6.5 gallons. I have a larger carboy for when I use WY 3068.

I used to shake, then went to an oxygen tank through an aeration stone. Lately, I pour from the kettle, through a strainer, into a bucket. Then from the bucket into primary (bmb). I haven’t really noticed a difference.

Personally I think oxygenation is one of those things… ideally you want 10-12ppm. But I got similar results when just using shaking or an aquarium pump… this coming from a person who uses pure O2. I just find it quicker really.

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