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Going to San Diego. Suggestions?

I’m headed to San Diego next weekend and am looking for suggestions. I’ll be staying in La Jolla, but I’ll have rental car to get around. I’ll have all day Friday and some of the day Saturday to imbibe before a Saturday night wedding.

I’d like to visit the White Labs tasting room on Friday, but other than that I’ve got no plans. I tried to make a reservation at Stone World Bistro, but they’re booked.

So, any suggestions? I’d like to try a bunch of beers, not necessarily tour breweries or anything since I’ll be with my wife. So, a bar with a really good draft list would be great.

Thanks in advance.

My son is a Marine on base there at Miramar MCAS. We were just there to see him and hung out in La Jolla. Stones was a blast. There are so many good breweries there, you will be plenty busy. Mission, Alesmith, Ballast Point and Green Flash are the ones I would recommend.

Hopping Pig, Jayne’s Gastropub, Neighborhood, Lahama Beach House, Stone…for God’s sake, Stone, and definitely any of the Pizza Port Brewing Co. locations. I would say don’t miss Stone or Pizza Port.

I can personally second Alesmith and Green Flash. I was out there a few summers ago and made it those two. I had an excellent time, drank some fantastic beer and met some really awesome people.

Oh! San Diego beer week runs from Nov. 1 - Nov. 10, so not only will you have plenty of options available during your trip, but you’ve successfully made me a very jealous person.

+1, also all off those except mission are within a few miles of each other and white labs. Hess is a cool little spot near there also (just make sure u look up the Hess in miramesa not the new one in north park).

You can still go to stone to drink without a reservation and then port/lost abbey is a few miles away from stone then Mother Earth and iron fist are close.

I also like Coronado brewing.

Karl Strauss, Mission Brewing, and Green Flash. Stone which goes without saying. For a real dive experience, try Hamiltons Tavern 1521 30th street.

Forgot this. Get the “find craft beer” app for your smart phone. You’ll always be able to find the nearest brew pub.

Will it work on a flip phone?.. :shock:

Go to Stone. They have a bar, you only need reservations if you want a table. If you get there before the dinner rush you shouldn’t have a problem getting a spot at the bar. Their food isn’t all that, so just go for the beer. :0)

Good advice. Thanks. Was worried when I tried to make an open table reservation and there was nothing within 3 hours of the time I wanted.

Anyone know if Firestone Walker is widely available out there?


Anyone know if Firestone Walker is widely available out there?[/quote][/quote]

Should be. I can find just about anything in LA.

I’ve heard that White Labs is cool to check out.

White Labs is a fun trip, Ballast Point just opened a place in Little Italy. Anything you choose, you can’t go wrong. ... breweries/

Stone and Pizza Port are my suggestions.

I’m not sure, but I thought I heard that Stone has a tasting room/bar actually down in SD now, maybe Oceanside??? So maybe a trip to the brewery isn’t necessary (unless you want to see the brewery of course. And the brewery grounds are immensely awesome and worth the trip IMO).

Green Flash and Pizza Port for sure. I stayed in La Jolla back in April and there is a Karl Strauss right in the downtown area and that I was pleasantly surprised with. Always great when you can drink good beer and not worry about driving!

[quote=“enkamania”]White Labs is a fun trip, Ballast Point just opened a place in Little Italy. Anything you choose, you can’t go wrong. ... breweries/[/quote]

Great link. Thanks for sharing! I had forgotten about Pizza Port.

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