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Going for a coffee porter

I think if you are going for aroma with cold brew you might want to add it at kegging/bottling. The aroma compounds are fleeting and, from what I’ve read, people don’t recommend storing your homemade cold brew more than 2 weeks because it’s flavor starts to change.

This just in … further proof coffee and alcohol are meant to go together hehe.

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That’s a problem because usually I’ll drink a bit fresh then bottle my Porter off the keg for next year. I’ve just started drinking last year’s now

I think it’s fine. These coffee people define coffee flavors out of my tasting range, just as we can identify hops.

Now me inspired. Got my self a. Small spider. Wich i can use in my. Conical. For ading. Flav. Got my self some coffee beans. Question. How many beans. To use. On a 10 gal. Batch want mild coffee flav. Combinded with. Vanilla taste. Me never did use coffee beans before. During brew did use chocolate malt

I’ve done several coffee beers, my last was a porter and I added 12 oz. of whole beans in the fermenter, after a week it didn’t have enough coffee flavor so I added 12 oz. of ground coffee for a week then kegged. It was just right but I do like a strong cup of black coffee.

Do you remember what roast or bean it was?

Both were dark french roast but I don’t recall the brand.

3 days ago I added 12oz of unground decaf espresso beans to a big mouthed bubbler depth charge. Tomorrow I will bottle

The bottling bucket dregs are delicious. The fresh coffee aroma is spot on and the coffee flavor is just about right. I cannot tell if it is perfect because of the sweetness of the priming sugar and the lack of cold and carbonation but if it ends up close to this I will be happy.

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Haven’t got to this yet but I’m thinking put the beans in a bag and put them in the fermenter after 5 days fermentation then pull after a week. Still on the fence about grinding

I am loving this coffee porter

5 lbs Golden Promise
2 lbs Vienna Malt
1 lb Golden Naked Oats
1 lb Carared
1 lb Honey Malt
4 oz Chocolate Malt
4 oz Midnight Wheat

1/2 oz Equinox (Eukanot) 60 min ( I used leaf)
1.7 oz Amarillo steeped at 165F for 20 min
yeast = Kviek medley (combined strains)
Last 4 days 12oz Decaffinated whole Espresso Beans into Depthcharge in fermenter.

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