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Going all grain soon have questions

i have been brewing a while now with extract and specialty grains. i went to a club members house and observed an all grain brew and have some questions. he was mashing in a 3and a half gal pot and sparged in a 10 gal tub with a drain. i would like to know if you can sparge in your mash tun if it is big enough and has a filter and as drain unlike the one i saw, or do you need two vessels. the mash tun i am getting is the 10 gal water cooler type.

Do this^^^^^. 99.999% of satisfied AG homebrewers do…or some version of it. :wink:


And a little upgraded version of Denny’s setup.
  • not my site :wink:

I mash and sparge in the same vessel, following denny’s batch sparge guidelines. It took 5 or 6 batches to hit my target numbers, but even so, my first three AG beers have finished conditioning and all are somewhere between good and great.


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