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Does anyone know which grain products sold by NB include GMO ingredients?

I doubt any of it is, though I can’t speak with certainty. The recent buzz about GMOs in beer was specifically in corn syrup.

As I understand, right now corn is the only beer ingredient that is widely grown as GMO. I think they’ve been experimenting somewhere overseas (maybe Denmark?) with gmo barley, but I don’t think in the US and EU there is any GMO barley or wheat.

Corn, soy, canola, and cotton are the big four GMO crops here. Hard to find any of these that are not GMO.

My biggest concern with GMO’s is with the “round-up ready” plants, where they douse the fields with roundup to kill weeds but the plants are unharmed. Great idea except now the plant gets a good dose of glyphosate(active ingredient in roundup) and I have read studies where glyphosate has been deemed a carcinogen in humans. I’m no scientist, though, but I am concerned about GMO’s and would like to learn as much as possible.


The bigger concern with roundup ready is more in drinking water. While the plant itself does an excellent job filtering the chemicals out of itself, and a good washing will take care of anything on the surface, the runoff goes straight to common drinking water sources.

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