Gluten Free?

My sister is allergic to gluten however loves beer. I went to her house to sadly discover her drinking some gluten free stuff that Budweiser makes. Help! I need to brew her something better! Anyone have any thoughts for a recipe?

This is what I’ve been reading about and allot of people swear by it. … tegory/18/

I posted a partial mash recipe thread that might give you some ideas. It had some definite problems, but resulted in a high quality brew. My take from research is that if using non-barley ingredients, you’ll get a superior product mixing rice syrup/other and a minor contribution of sorghum syup, as the base. Recipe design in big part depends on how much work you want to put into it, and in the past people have gone so far as to home malt buckwheat and other grains to make them convertible in a mash.


Doing it again, I think I’d just do an all grain barley malt beer and use Clarity-Ferm. Check these out: ... 03286.html ... 5-mls.html

Of course, plenty of folks stick with a sorghum syrup base too!

Good luck!

edit - doh! I didn’t follow the link in the previous post.

Thanks for the input. Much appreciated!

Something to look into when you go to brew it is any ways to avoid contamination from gluten, such as using your regular mill that may have residual gluten in it. I don’t know how big a deal it is, but I think I read that breweries that make gluten free beer have to be very careful. It may depend on how bad your sisters allergy is, too.