Gluten-free recipe suggestions?

Hi all,

I’ve got a friend that recently was diagnosed with celiac’s disease (gluten intolerance), which means that she’s been restricted to ciders and wines.

Does anyone have a great gluten-free recipe that they’d like to share? I’d like to brew something balanced. Not too hoppy, not too malty, and not too Belgian.

Also, I’ve had sorghum beers (Bard’s Tale comes to mind), and was less than impressed – the sorghum has a distinct flavor. I’m hoping for something that’s closer to regular beer, if that’s possible. If not, I’m open to whatever you guys think would be good.

I’ve also heard that Wyeast makes a gluten-free version of it’s 1272 American Ale II; any idea how I can get my hands on a pack of it? Otherwise, could I just use dry yeast for this?


Wyeast no longer makes the GF smack packs (I emailed the them and they gave me th ebad news)

Safeale is fine to use, I used Safale 04 for a GF Amber I made.

You’re stuck with sorghum unless you can malt you own millet and buckwheat, I would love to do that, but don’t have the room. (btw try Green’s dark beer, probably the best GF beer on the market, no sorghum twang at all, uses rice, millet, buckwheat, sorghum).

Most people try to mask the sorghum twang with brown rice syrup, which isn’t as fermentable as sorghum (or barley) so it could lead to fermentation problems. You can add yeast nutrient but I haven’t done that.

Definitely use maltodextrin to give th ebeer body, most gf beers lack body.

I also used dark candi sugar to add some color and flavor.

On my beer the OG was 1.060 and I finished at 1.020 (the 1.020 extract wall)
5 gallon batch
5 lbs sorghum
1 lb rice syrup solids (couldn’t find brown rice syrup at LHBS but later saw it as Whole Foods)
20 oz dark candi sugar
8 oz maltodextrin

Mt. Hood bittering hops 1 oz
Simcoe flavoring hops .5-1oz (adjust to your taste)

1 packet Safale pitched into a starter but probably didn’t need it, I was just being safe because the beer was fermenting at a very cold temperature (58 degrees)

Thanks, I really appreciate this!

I also came across a bunch of stuff on the Internet that says using Clarity Ferm will break down the gluten to leave it safe for most gluten-intolerant people. Do you have any experience with this?

I also read about the clarity ferm - my local homebrew guy says he has about 5-6 customers that swear by the product and buy it regularly. I just brewed up my first batch with it (recent gluten allergy), but it won’t be ready for a while…

I’m brewing a couple of batches for a post-holidays holiday party, and I think I’m going to try to the Clarity Ferm trick, since it’ll be about 40 people, and my friend is the only one with a gluten issue.

My friend is a huge fan of Estrella Damm, a Spanish (or Catalunian, depending on who you ask) brewery that uses Brewer’s Clarex (the industrial version of Clarity Ferm) to produce gluten free beer. She says she hasn’t had any gluten-related problems from their beer, so I’m hopeful that this’ll work.

I’ll report back when I have confirmation that it worked (the party is Jan. 28, so a few days after that). If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll be brewing a sorghum beer next.

Yes, I have tried a homebrew that used clarity ferm. I am not gluten intolerant but my wife is. She reported no reaction to the beer. She’s also tried the Estrella Damm and reported no reaction; that has about 6 ppm gluten which is pretty much nothing.

I was disappointed however, because I found the beer to be a little thin…it was an extract brew with specialty grains. I suspect the clarityferm breaks down the proteins (hence no residual gluten) which affects mouth feel.

I could be wrong about the mouth feel thing and will definitely try to make a few all grain batches with clarity ferm.

I’ve heard from several other people that it doesn’t affect anything in any noticeable way, but I haven’t had any personal experience yet. I’ll definitely look for any differences; I’m brewing two recipes that I’ve made before, so hopefully I’ll notice if anything’s changed.

I’ve read that Speakeasy Brewery here in SF uses the Brewers Clarix stuff for clarity purposes, and they make some damn good beers! If you haven’t tried their Big Daddy IPA - I highly recommended it.

The thought just struck me that with all the above mentioned ingredients being available at the supermarket, substituting spices for hops and using bread yeast would mean someone could use food stamps to get everything needed to brew.

I have 3 recipes.
Most recipes will include sorghum.
I have found even recipes with rice hulls or rices extract need to be traced back to the source to find out what else has run thru their machinery. Anything from LD Carlson in Kent Ohio is NOT GF!!
Most home brew stores at least on the East Coast (Long Island NY) Seem to carry from one distributor.

I have found 3 recipes on Tasty
Again 2 have worked as I brew for 2 siblings that have celiacs.
I brewed 3 recipes before I found 1 that has worked with some hop variation.
6 Lbs. sorghum syrup.
1 LB. brown sugar. Light brown can be substitute.
1 lb. honey (any)
2 oz saaz hops 60 mins.
1 oz saaz hops 5 mins.
I have used nottingham or safeale ale hops.
Start Gravity around 1.063
Finish 1.033
Bottle 6 oz priming sugar. Original recipe called for honey.

I am now trying a high ABV yeast to try and bring finish gravity down.
I have brewed 3 beers now and it is described to me as sweet.
I may try recipe with/without sugar or honey.
Hope this helps. I have 3 recipes yet to try other 2.
One calls for buckwheat.
Other for flaked oats.
I made great oatmeal in my mash tun with flaked oats !!!
No beer.

Anybody have any updates for this thread?

I am a new homebrewer who would like to go gluten-free.

Any new recipes? I’m looking for a Scotch Ale or Nut Brown Ale. Extract only please. I’m not up for grains yet.

Any final verdict on Clarity Ferm? I’ve heard conflicting reports.


I did a sorghum/candi syrup brew in January.
Tasted after 2 weeks in the bottle, and it tasted like it was not really done.
No other impression of it yet. I’ll let it sit a while longer.

This was based from a MoreBeer kit, scaled to 1/2 batch.

2 1/2 gallon batch, Gluten Free Amber Ale
3.3 lb sorghum syrup,
1/2 lb belgium candi syrup,
1/2 oz Kent Golding for 60,
1/4 oz Northern Brewer for 30 minutes

[quote=“unfrozen_caveman”]Anybody have any updates for this thread?
Any final verdict on Clarity Ferm? I’ve heard conflicting reports.

Sorry, I could have sworn that I updated, but I guess not.

The general consensus of what I’ve heard is that success varies according to your sensitivity, but generally works for all but those with the most severe reactions.

For my friend, the Clarity Ferm didn’t work, but she tells me that she’s extremely sensitive. I talked to another person at the LHBS who swore by it, but told me that it didn’t work for his son, who is much more sensitive to gluten than he was. And I’ve hunted around the other HB forums and found similar stories.

When I used the Clarity Ferm, I couldn’t detect any real change in flavor, although I wasn’t comparing side-by-side, so it may have been subtly different. But the difference in clarity is huge – it really pulled the haze out of a wheat beer I made.

It’s extremely easy to use, and not particularly expensive, so I’d suggest giving it a try if you’re going to brew anyway, or convincing a friend to use it in a batch so that you can try it out.

Awesome. Thanks for the info. Thankfully I’m not super-sensitive, but I still want to try sorghum. If I get brave, maybe I will try Clarity Ferm with a barley malt extract and see what happens. Cheers!

I have brewed a handful using clarity ferm…about half worked according to these ez gluten tests. No Ill reactions from my friend with celiac’s.

I really wish NB, or anyone for that matter, had sorghum malt. Extract brewing just isn’t challenging enough to be fun.

I haven’t seen a doctor yet, but suspect that I have a gluten reaction. This weekend, at mom and dad’s, I had a gluten bomb of a supper, after once trying a gluten free diet last weekend.

I really liked the challenge of mashing a rye wort.

What are the gluten free grains? I think of sorghum, maize, and rice.

[quote=“quantumbeer”]I really liked the challenge of mashing a rye wort…[/quote]You can mash 100% rye if you use a bag (can’t get a stuck sparge), but rye contains gluten. I would give Clarity Ferm a try on a regular recipe, see if it works for you.

First Bard’s, a sorghum beer.

Have you ever heard of a beer called Omission? It’s a barley beer, but they know how to remove the gluten, or reduce it to less than 20 ppm. I wonder if gelatin can remove gluten. I know that gelatin removes protein. Is gluten one of the proteins that is removed by gelatin?

What exactly is Clarity Ferm? I’ll have to learn more about it.

A newer gluten free option is Prairie Path, which I think is a de-glutened beer like omission. I really like it. It’s not a sharp as Bard’s and has more of an Ale type taste.

I’m currently doing a 1 gal batch of Caribou Slobber with Clarity Ferm. I will let you know how it goes.

Will this start a new line of products for NB and other homebrew suppliers? Gluten removal!

What should I avoid? I think I can have popcorn and potato chips. I need to avoid Cheetos, Fritos, and Doritos. Also, convenience store food, imitation meat, or gluten patties.