Gluten Free Kits?

I had a customer call the other day inquiring about gluten free beer kits. I was not awair of any on the market, but was wondering if anyone has seen any.

I would imagine if there were they would be all grain, and the customer was not that interested when I suggested he would likely have to just do it from scratch, which would effectively be the same thing.

Really I am just inquiring for my own curiosity.

There are a few gluten free beers available in Ontario right now, and they tend to reatail for $18 per six pack!

There’s a Brewer’s Best extract kit that’s gluten free. I think the name is just “Gluten Free (insert word for beer here)”.

Midwest has one kit. Morebeer has 3.
I thought there was a west coast supply store that had a few, but i can’t seem to find it in my quick search.

I just made a half batch based on the MoreBeer recipe kit. It used sorghum syrup and belgium candi sugar as fermentables.
There are some gluten free brews out there - most are sorghum/rice ales - New Grist comes to mind.

2 Brothers Brewery of Warrenville IL has a barley based ale that they claim the gluten is somehow neutralized by a special additive. It tastes good - called “Prairie Path”

This is coied from their web site:
Crafted to Remove Gluten

An independent analytical lab has tested the gluten content of Prairie Path Golden Ale. The new FDA standards state that any product that contains barley, but can be proven to contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten, can state that the product has been “Crafted to Remove Gluten”. Prairie Path Golden Ale is proven to contain less than 5 ppm, well below the currently proposed standard, as you can see from the lab report done in conjunction with one of the top brewing schools and service providers in the US.[/i]