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Gluten Free Brewing

I have been brewing gluten free beer for a person I know who has Celiacs disease.
I have a recipe through lhbs who suggested Tapioca flour.
I normally use sorghum and honey and brown sugar.
Does anyone have experience with this flour and when to add to boil.
Thanks in advance.

You shouldn’t add tapioca flour to the beer, it’ll just gum it up and contribute starch haze but no fermentables (no enzymes to convert to yeast-consumable sugars). Check out a product called “clarity ferm” if you’re interested in brewing all-grain and gluten-free.

Thanks for response.
I was adding tapioca flour to add more body to the beer. I use sorghum honey and brown sugar.
To me beer is a little thin.
We are also talking 4 tbl spoons hydrated in cold water so as not to make pudding.

I don’t believe you will add “body” with tapioca but I think you will add haze.

My landlord is Celiac, and she has no problem drinking my beers when I use this stuff. Get on it. Not only does it drop the glutens to a world standard of gluten free (<20 ppm), but it also makes your beer crazy clear. So that’s fun.

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