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Glass vs big mouth bubblers

So we are moving towards. Using only glass carboys now for fermenting had some good and bad results in creating a seal on the big mouth bubblers. Will use the glass carboys on higher grav beers. And the fetmenting bucket on lower grav beers

I wouldn’t totally dismiss your Big Mouth Bubbler. I know there are problems but I’ve heard there are some fixes. Some use keg lube to create a positive seal and some have even created a gasket. Maybe someone with one will chime in.

Do use keg lube this seems to work. Only down fall of glass trasporting it to the brew room

Buy or make a carboy hauler of heavy duty nylon webbing. With a plywood disc in the bottom you could set the fermentor down on concrete without the risk of cracking it. The plywood disc would be the same diameter as the carboy.

Got a little push cart at home. Only thing worries me the glass breaks. Especially during the brew session we do have a couple of pints

Just remember not to bang glass against glass. Never pour hot water or wort into a cold carboy. Never pour cold water or wort into a hot carboy. Never set the carboy down on a hard surface that may have grit on the surface.

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I recently started fermenting in my first big mouth bubbler…10# on top keeps her sealed

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I haven’t had any issues with my big mouth bubbler. I did a very high gravity beer in it as well and it kept the seal. My starting gravity was 1.140 if I remember correctly.

How about fermenting in a corny keg? Sneezles61

For the last couple years (glass big mouths with the light gray screw on lids) I have used two of the white gaskets and haven’t had a poor seal since.

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