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Glass carboy

Is it safe to put a glass carboy on a heater tray.

Why are you doing this? How hot would this tray be?

I make wine in my garage and its very cold here at the moment so i use the heater tray which works fine with a bucket but but i would rather use the glass carboy.when you put your hand on the heater tray it feels like a very mild couldn’t burn yourself on it.

If you can’t burn your hand on it I would think it would be OK. however, I would probably put the carboy on while the tray is cold… Then turn on the tray.

Ok thanks

By heater tray, do you mean like a seed starter tray?

No a proper tray for home brew

Doing this I would suggest looking into a thermowell and temp controller to attach to the heater tray to better control ferm temps.

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