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Glass Carboy Exterior Defect

Hello all, I am new to the hobby and received my deluxe kit a little more than a week ago and brewed the CS kit the same day. I was checking the temperature on the carboy yesterday when I noticed the annomally shown in the pictures. When I first noticed it it was smooth all over, but had the raised ridges, as soon as I pushed on it with my finger nail the ridge cracked. I thought I would ask here and see if there’s a consensus on whether it is something to worry about or not before I contact NB about it. My thought is that it is in fact a surface defect and not something that goes all the way through. I appreciate any input you may have and thank you.

If it is raised…and you can feel it…then it is a molding defect. It is actually quite common from what I hear. If it were a true crack you would not be able to feel it. What do you have brewing?

That is Caribou Slobber that has been in the primary for 11 days. Up next is Bourbon Barrel Porter that I will add Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans to in secondary.

Be careful with that. You don’t want it to break when you’re around. Maybe consider another option! I fermentd in carboys for years, but recently switched to kegs. No more worries.

Send the pictures to NB. That is a weak point. The carboy will be dangerous to handle when it is filled.

You should search the words broken carboy or stitches.

Not pretty.

I’d contact NB. Definitely a defect. I’m sure they’ll replace it for you.

Thank you all for your responses and advice. Through this relatively minor issue I have learned that the Northern Brewer customer service is second to none, as a business owner and diligent consumer it is nice to see others “taking care of business” . I am confident in saying that Northern Brewerwill be receiving plenty of my money in the future if for no other reason than how this was handled, quickly and satisfactorily! :blah:
HAPPY BREWING!!! :cheers:

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