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Glacier hops

I’ve been told that these don’t give very much in the way of flavor and aroma. Yes? No?

I have never used it personnaly, but here is some info.

5% - 9% AA
Dual purpose hop with a citrus earthy aroma.

Possible Substitutions:
Styrian Golding, U.S. Fuggle, U.S. Tettnanger, Willamette

Rleased as a public variety in 2000 by Dr. Stephen Kenny at Washington State University. It was chosen for its low cohumulone and good yield potential. Mainly used for its pleasant aroma.

They give a nice clean bittering character, I use it in APAs and low gravity IPAs.

Sounds like its a fuggles.

It’s the aroma hop in Surly’s Bitter Brewer. Havn’t used it much but after that beer i think i will.

I can live with that, most of my brews are British styles.

I have used them in a couple beers recently. Did the Surly Bitter Brewer and liked the flavor. Thought that beer was too thin/light so I made a bigger version of it in the 1.055 range and used all glacier hops
one ounce at first wort, one ounce at 60 min., 1 ounce at 5, 2 ounce dry. Drinking the first one right this minute, and I love it. Really works well for an “english ale” hop flavor in my opinion.

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