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Ginger Ale?

Hey, has anyone out there made and legged their own ginger ale? My group rally like Jameson Gingers on occasion. I thought it would be awesome to have my own on tap. Any recipes?
Alcoholic or non.


I haven’t done ginger ale, but I’ve done a keg of rootbeer when my wife was pregnant. Ginger ale probably wouldn’t be as bad but if you are going to run a keg of rootbeer, you’ll want to replace your beer lines after use. I kept thinking that the taste/smell would go away with the next batch of beer, but it took about 6 batches and soaking my faucets (twice!) before the rootbeer taste left.

Northern Brewer sells a ginger ale extract and if I remember correctly, you only need to add a few pounds of sugar to get the job done (at least that’s how it was for rootbeer). You can find it if you click here

In the summer my wife and I go through our share of gin & tonics and I’ve looked at some recipes for making my own tonic. 5 gallons seems like an awful lot though. Maybe just dump a gallon or two of gin in the keg and add some cheap tonic water… hrmmm. 8)

I haven’t tried it, but there is a recipe in the July-August 2011 issue of Brew Your Own magazine. You might be able to find it on their site.

I’ve used Alton Brown’s recipe (Google: Alton Brown, Food Network, ginger ale) and had grear results. It only makes 2liters but it scales nicely. I use red wine rather than baker’s yeast. I dont know what needs to be changed in order to keg.

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