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Ginger ale Braggot? Idea needs help. New brewer

Im new. Been wanting to do a Mead so i started refing and watching youtube. Big mistake… Now Im wanting to do a ginger ale.

Here’s my thoughts.
On a one gallon test batch.
2 or 3 pounds Honey
1 pound, 2 row or maris otter
zest half a lemon, juice 2 lemons.
1 vanilla bean.
1 or 1.5 lbs ginger

I thought To take 1 pound of the honey and caramelize it with at least part of the ginger and maybe some of the grain at the start.

I also thought a ale or sweet mead yeast. I want something at least a little sweet. I would like a slight hint of malt. But I hoped the ginger would cut it well so it wouldn’t need hops.

Did you say 1.5 lbs of ginger?

Im not sure. Im completely guessing at all this. Im not a brewer But I would like to try it. Is 1.5 pounds too much, One vid i watched Just had two large chunks, another was a bowl full grated.

The honey and grain is also a guess one guy was using plain sugar and a small amount of honey and some grain but didnt mention the quantities.

You’ll want to steep the cracked grain at 154 for an hour in, say a gallon of water… You will convert starch into sugar… Unless you didn’t want maltose to boost ABV… Sneezles61

You recipe above will be undrinkable. Steep the grain in a strainer bag like @sneezles61 said then top it off to get a gallon of liquid . Add your honey about 2" of ginger and just use the zest of a couple lemons. Let it ferment out and taste it. I would add the vanilla to taste. You can also save the lemon juice and add that to taste also

Thanks for the help. I want to try it at one gallon before trying anything bigger.

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