Gijora ale

morning i am getting ready to brew a batch next week its a gijora ale but it has a pack of peppers with it . my question do i add the peppers or do i need to prepare them first . like soaking in vodka or are the ready to add to the beer . actually sucks this week no brewing my buddy in jamaica got to wait till next week.

Good question. I brewed a pepper brew a year or so ago and put the cracked pepper in at the end of the boil. I didn’t use enough pepper for my taste buds. My thinking is the boil would possibly evaporate the pepper out, so I did it like I did… Sneezles61

Peppercorns are best cracked and added at flameout, but chilies can generally be added to secondary. I like to add them to primary in a mesh bag once fermentation has ended - that way, they can get pulled as soon as there’s slightly more chili flavor and heat than you want in your finished beer. Because there’s so much variation between peppers, even among the same type, you really need to taste it and pull the peppers at the right time, otherwise it can get too hot in a hurry. The pepper flavor and heat tends to fade, which is why I like to go just a little bit stronger than ideal.

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I was kinda a doof ball and used black pepper, actually one of, if not, my favorite spice…… Sneezles61

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