Ghost face killa chili beer

I had a few bottles of this in the St Augustine FL area the other day. $8 a bottle! Man this beer is super hot and I love it. I found a place called Wine Rack in Jacksonville Fl. $3.99 a bottle. I grabbed the last 21 they had. Has anyone tried this beer? Also, anyone know of an online source where to perhaps buy it? :cheers:

I tried it. I like spicy food, but I couldn’t get more than 1/3rd through the pint.

i took a bottle of this to our brewclub meeting and nobody could get past a sip. i make a jalapeno ale and the last batch i used the regular amount of jalapenos and then in the keg added 1/2 bottle of this beer in it. it was pretty good.

Cut it with another beer. I like how it makes my ears itchy :lol: