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Gewurztraminer juice in a tripel

So I am thinking about adding Gewurztraminer juice to my tripel. The juice has been fermenting on it own for about a month, I have six gallons of it. If it helps it was Chilean grape juice. I will be brewing the tripel tomorrow and will need this beer ready by the end of July. My questions is how does everyone think this will turn out, my concern is that it’s only 3 months for the juice to age. But in my mind this combination will turn out amazing.
I am thinking 1 gallon of Gewurztraminer juice and 4-5 gallons of an 8% tripel.
Thoughts? Comments?

Doesn’t sound particularly good to me, but it’s your beer.

Most times I would not horse around with a good thing either and have had the pleasure/displeasure(depending on your own palette) of tasting some pretty wild
catergory 23 concoctions and now exclude myself. Anywho I forgot to exclude myself from 23 for this years NHC and had the pleasure of judging a saison that had a percentage of homegrown grapes must/wine that was made from a white varietal of unknown type blended in and the whole concoction was “seasoned” with a bit of brett and I’ll tell you what even though such a thing is not my personal cup of tea, I could drink quite a few of this guys mashup on a hot summer day and be awful happy**.

So that being said I can see the spicy/ fruity aspect of the gewurtz melding well with a Belgian yeast and could actually be quite the combo as it would boost the ABV ever so slightly but act to “Thin” the mouthfeel some. Tripels are awful deceptive as they drink so light but pack a wallop and this mashup could prove to be a “sneaker” to say the least.

The thing I wholly reccomend though if moving on this idea is to run a small bench trial on stuff like this such as done when commercially blending beer or wine, the later being most often done all the time. So just scale down the calculated amount to the half pint etc… And makeup 2-4 blends to get a better idea of if the two well meld in the first place and then to see at what ratio of blending actully gives the best flavor.

**If the entrant of the aformentioned beer is a board member congrats again on the great execution. Many have a heavy hand when attempting these mashups and you did everything right on!

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