Getting thirsty while staring at a new kit

So got my kit and started the “Caribou Slobber Brown”. (love the name)
It sat in the primary fermenter for two weeks and has now been in the secondary for a week.

-Also, got the second round going in the primary. Went with the “Dead
Ringer IPA” Looking forward to it.

-I’ve got more than one carboy so it’s easy to keep more brews in secondary fermentation at a time.

But for now this is the first run, and quite frankly i’m just impatient.

The Question: Is it too soon to bottle?

No it is not. I only do primary for two weeks then I keg them. You can skip the secondary. Not that some beer doesn’t get better with a bit of age on it in the keg/bottle.

I typically leave in the primary for three weeks and then bottle. The one exception was a saison that took FOREVER to finish…

You should be fine on the slobber, have you taken any gravity readings? Probably a good idea to confirm you get the same reading on consecutive days before bottling especially since it’s your first time. But unless something went awry 3 weeks should be plenty of time for that beer. As stated above 2-3 weeks in primary then straight to keg/bottles works for most average strength ales IME

Great! Looks like I’ll be bottling tonight!

In response…
The little info video gave me 4 parts of brewing
1. Boiling liquid
2. Moving Liquid from vessel to vessel (no splashing)
3. Keeping stuff clean
4. Waiting for yeast to work

Didn’t say diddly-doo about “gravity”.

Is that something I need to know?

I left Caribou in the primary for 4 weeks then right to bottling bucket, all good. Really great beer and super easy to brew. Also brewed Dead Ringer, in the primary for a week. I will be flipping that to a secondary since you add hops. Careful with Dead Ringer, had some crazy yeast action on that one.