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Getting small tubes dry?

My wife and I bottled our first ever homebrew yesterday. Everyone emphasizes the importance of cleanliness at all steps, so I thoroughly cleaned all our equipment yesterday after bottling was complete. The equipment air dried as directed.

However, the inside of the siphon tubing, the auto-siphon itself and the bottle filler still have moisture and beads of water on the inside of them. They have sat out for over 24 hours now. Obviously, I am most concerned that the moisture will create conditions amenable to bacterial growth.

Are there any tricks to drying these out? Is this just normal because of the small tubing?

Thanks for any help you could offer a couple of newbies!

If your concerned just spray or dip them in some star-san and let them sit.

Welcome to the forum!

I typically hang my tubing on peg board hooks so that they can drain as they dry, as opposed to laying them flat, which has always left the insides dry.

Centrifugal force helps. I swing those suckers around a tad after cleaning, then hang 'em. I also sanitize again prior to using.

+1 to what Hades does. I do the same thing; I do feel a little odd while “twirling” the tubes. :lol:

Thanks for the tips, all. I spun those suckers, which helped dry them out and made my wife laugh at me. We are eagerly awaiting our first taste about seven days from today – and already thinking about what we should brew next.

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