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Getting excessive foaming/ green sludge while fermenting

I am in the process of fermenting my first batch of beer and I am getting an excess foaming that is leaking out of the air lock and there is a green sludge (hops?) that has collected at the top pf the jug. What did I do wrong, or will this be ok? I am brewing the whitehouse honey ale.

You’re fine. That is the yeast going to town, and the green sludge is probably some hop material that is getting pushed out. If you’re getting an overflow you’ll want to clean out your airlock etc, make sure it is sanitized. One of the problems I’ve seen is the starter kits somehow come with a 5 gallon carboy which isn’t big enough for primary fermentation.

Going forward you will probably want to use a blowoff tube for the first couple of days when the fermentation is really active. And watch your fermentation temperatures, for ales you will want to be in that 65-75 degree range. The lower the temp the slower the yeast will work so less foaming.

Likely the OP is doing a 1 gallon batch.

For most ales, low 60s is ideal. I only ever go to upper 60s/70s for Saison and Beligan style beers.

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