Getting back into brewing

Hello, just an introduction, I’m getting back into brewing after a couple year leave. I was doing mini-mashes before and I just finished putting together the equipment for doing 10 gallon AG batches. I figure why not do 10, not much more time and twice the beer. Here’s my set-up, nothing out of the ordinary except if you look hard you can see my boil pot drains through the wall in the house and down into my laundry room where my fermenters will live. Anyway, excited to be brewing again.

Welcome back to the hobby!

Welcome back to the obsession, and welcome to the forum.
Q- what’s in the giraffe house to the left? :lol:

Q- what’s in the giraffe house to the left? :lol: [/quote]

Homebrew smoke house and giraffe bar.

Is that a little pump on your HLT?

I like the tube into the basement. I brew in a detached garage so I’d have to run about a hundred feet of tube to my basement.