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Get lucky

On Tuesday I brew my 3rd brew which was my first AG kit. I probably did it in some kind of
record time.(7+ hrs.) So any how, 5 minutes to go add last hop add. and realize my boil is lacking.
I check things and my propane tank is empty. I tip it on its side and I’m back to a decent boil.
2 minuts left and same problem so I finish out the time with my foot on thr tank rolling it back and forth to get through. Man that was close. Anyone else getting lucky with their brews?

I started drinking during one of my most recent brew nights. People on here say not to, but I disagreed. Well, I’m a believer now… sort of. I made a bunch of mistakes that night including forgetting orange zest in the boil and loosing about a gallon of splashed wort all over my kitchen. I made up for it with a little extract. Anyway, this was a house beer of mine that I’ve been tweaking the recipe each time I make it. In the end, it was the best batch to date! So, now the question is… do I stop drinking while brewing even though I made my best beer so far while a little tipsy? And also, when I brew this beer in the future do I follow actual recipe or do I try and reenact the many mistakes I made on this particular night?

I don’t think I’d brew if I couldn’t drink while doing so.

I agree. I take it in moderation, but never had any issues in the many years I’ve been in this hobby. All additions for the boil are pre-weighed and layed out in the order they need to be added and I keep good notes.

I always wait until the boil! its all clear sailing and relaxation from there on my chair. Something about putting your feet up with a beer and just watching the boil with friends.

What I meant was, 55 minutes into a 60 minute boil I realize I’m almost out
of propane. I feel I was lucky it was that late into it when the tank was going dry.

I’ve had to run down and fill a tank when I realized my backup tank was empty and the one I was using was running low halfway through the boil. You should always have a backup tank handy when brewing…

I’ve since switched to natural gas so I’ll never run out.

Getting lucky is realizing you somehow forgot to add priming sugar when you are only three bottles into the bottling process.

I keg now but remember catching myself one time on that one.

Getting lucky is something completely different. I can’t help but to keep clicking on this thread to see if it changed to what I thought. :twisted:

I’ve been mashing overnight, and starting the boil as early in the morning as I can. In these instances, I don’t drink beer as much as when I was mashing in the morning and boiling in the afternoon. But once in a while, it still is nice to sit on the patio while the boil in going on with a cigar and a beer, even if it’s 9am. It feels more like a ritual.

I’ve been using natural gas for many years. My wife is very good at paying the gas bill so there is never a problem of running out. I’m more concerned with the spigot on the side of the house freezing up and cutting off my easy supply of water during the winter.

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