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German Vienna malt

The only German Vienna our host appears to carry is Schill. It doesn’t appear to have any reviews so just curious if it’s good or if I should looks elsewhere for some Weyermann or Best.

I can’t imagine any company in Germany producing bad malt so chances are the Schill is good. Weyermann is pretty widely distributed so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it.

Closer to home for you in Ohio is Grape & Granary in Akron. They have Durst (German) and Briess ('Sconsin). Funny how Durst is even cheaper than the domestic stuff. I’ve used both and both are great.,1398.html

Yeah my LHBS carries the Briess but they charge $2.80/lb which is just ridiculous. I really only buy yeast and occasionally a piece of equipment there cause they are prohibitively expensive. There’s another brew store that’s closer than the one you linked to me and they have Weyermans Vienna for $1.90/lb so I may just have to make the trek out there.

I haven’t used that particular malt from Schill, but I’ve used their kolsch malt twice, and I can highly recommend that one. It gives a really solid malt base, rich and biscuity.

The Best Malz Vienna malt is very nice too. I get it locally but it’s often available at online suppliers too. Cheers.

The Grape and Granary. Boy that takes me back. Haven’t been there in years but it was a killer shop. Friendly, good prices, experience. I regularly drove nearly 2 hours to go there and it was well worth it.

Another thumbs up for Grape & Granary. I get almost all my product from the LHBS but there are a couple of items I buy online and that comes from G & G. No BS, just a very nice place to deal with, excellent service. :cheers:

My orders are split about 33% between Midwest, NB, and G&G. Occasionally you can save $5 to $10 by going with one place over another since their individual ingredient prices are not consistent. However I’ve also found that if you’re buying a lot of different kinds of things including hops, yeast, equipment, etc., then the final tally usually comes out within $5 for some odd reason. So it depends what you need, and how much.

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