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German Spalt hops

I enjoy the German alt beer that NB sells. I’m considering replacing the Herbruckers hops at the end with German Spalt.

Spalt: “A traditional noble hop, it is mild with floral and spicy tones. German Spalt is a classic hop for German ales.”

Has anyone use this hop and how did you like it?

Also I’m curious why NB doesn’t use Spalt in any of their recipes.

It’s an okay hop, not as smooth as Mittelfruh or Hersbrucker I don’t think. It’s definitely got a spicy character to it. Try it oot, see how you like it.

I LOVE Spalt! Not only is it my favorite for alt, but I frequently use it in German pils and Belgian tripel.


I’ll try and locate a Spalt hopped sample at a beer store nearby before I make the leap.

Spalt is a wonderful hop and a classic addition to an altbier.

The couple of alts that I’ve brewed used spalt and turned out so good I wouldn’t use any other hop.

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