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German porter

I’m a big German beer fan and I brew more German beers than any other style. I read and study the styles and I came across The German Beer Institute. Along its list of German beers Is a German porter. Described as a stronger London model of Porter made into a lager and flavored with Tettnang instead of the British hops. Closely resembling a Schwarzbier but is a porter. Said that the Hoepfner brewery started brewing it again 1998. They are the only brewery that makes it. So Im thinking of creating a recipe that might come close to it. They do say that it is mellowed in typical German fashion during six weeks of cool maturation. Has anyone tried to make a German porter. I will post my recipe as soon as it comes together and is worthy of posting.

I also love making and drinking German beers of all types. I have never heard of a German Porter but by your description, you should be able to put a good porter grain bill together and then use German hops (Tettnanger as you mentioned) and then either make it as an ale with Wyeast 1007 or use a German lager yeast. The tricky part there is that you have quite a few to choose from and they have pretty different characteristics. 2206 and 2308 would be nice and probably my first choices. 2124 is one of my favorites and is very versatile. It occurs to me that with the German hops and yeast, I would have to wonder how close the finished product would be to a Schwartzbier. I have never made one or drank one (that I know of) so I’m not sure. I like where this is going though. Keep us posted.

I agree. I made a Schwarzbier that was pretty much like a Porter grain bill and I liked it! It was a bit more roasty than a typical lager, but the yeast and time really mellowed it out. Good luck with that!

SAMPLE RECIPE / 6 gallons
10lbs pale ale malt/
Belgian pale malt

2lbs pale chocolate malt

8oz chocolate malt

1lb crystal 60 malt
1 lb crystal 80 malt

1/2 lb belgian aromatic malt

1oz Tettnang 90 minutes

1 oz Tettnang 20 minutes

yeast wpl 830 /wpl 838
not sure which yeast yet

830 would give it that “pilsnery profile” and has that bright character to it. 838 would be a little maltier and deeper. I’m contradicted here because I like English styles and German styles but rarely cross the streams. I’ll mess up the American styles by injecting some amount of German-ness to it: A blond ale with Vienna and Perle hops, a Red Lager with Hallertau and 830 yeast, etc. If you brew it, keep us posted. I’ll be watching.

I decided to use wlp 838 I want to keep this as close to a porter as possible and stay away from it turning out like a schwarzbier.

Been busy and not had time to update everyone. Got the German porter fermenting away. Holding the temps at 52 degrees, its realy dark pitch black in color. Will update again in few weeks

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