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German Oktoberfest

Brewed a batch of this on Saturday with the forecast of the cold weather coming. Recipe calls for fermenting b/t 53-59. Then lager 35-42. It also says that it CAN be fermented at ale temps.
I can maintain about 52-54 for the fermenting but that is about as low as I can get. So the question is am I better to hold it at that temp for the lagering or am I better off taking up to the ale temps? I’m thinking the colder the better???

If it were me, I’d keep it at 52-54. Make sure to make a big starter of yeast.

It depends somewhat on the yeast that you used. What strain of yeast did you put in there?

In any case, when fermentation is about 2/3 finished, it is a good idea to bring up the temperature into the 60s to help the yeast finish the job.

After that, wait until the krausen falls and the beer begins to clear, and then chill back down as cold as you can. Anywhere near upper 20s F would be awesome (beer does not freeze at 32 F but more like 20 F). I like to put mine in the unheated garage to condition for a few weeks.

Saflager S23. My intent was to ferment 2 weeks. then rack and lager. So possibly the latter half of 2nd week raise temp. then lager?

If fermentation began within 2 days and seems to be going well, I would warm it up after just 7-8 days. Then allow it to complete fermentation warm, and chill after the fermentation is done.

One other thing. After my lagering is up. Should I be ok just using the priming sugar or should I use some sort of bottling conditioner due to the time lapse?

I guess I don’t know what “bottle conditioner” is. Yeast nutrient?? Extra yeast?? Whatever it is, you can skip it. Priming sugar is all you need.

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