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German Dark Munich

Brewed a Dopple Bock a while back and I have about 8 pounds of the stuff (Dark Munich) laying around. Question is: What else is the stuff good for? Is it good in a Brown, Porter, or a stout? If so, what percentage of the grist?

It’s good in all styles. In light styles ~2%. In darker styles 5% or more.

Dark Munich has a lot of uses. I’m brewing a dunkel in a few days that’s about 80% dark Munich. It’s also good in dunkelweizen. In amber/brown beers for which I’m using a portion of light Munich, I’ll often add a little dark Munich too, just to increase the malt flavor and add a little more color.

Dark Munich is just one of those grains I don’t have much experience with. I 'm not much on kitchen sink brews and I’d hate to use it just because I have it. I’m planning an american amber ale for next weekend would 5% dark munich be too much?

Not at all. In fact, I’d probably do more like 10%. You might not taste much of the dark munich in an american amber at only 5%, but I suppose it depends on the rest of your recipe.

Which dark Munich? The color can vary from 10-20L.

I got it from northernbrewer and it supposed to have a lovibond of 15.5. I’m thinking that if I do use much of this stuff I might want to cut back on the crystal malts. I’m working on a recipe now.

The “real” dark munich from Germany is a 8-12l (regular munich being 4-8l)

[quote=“Whitbk”]The “real” dark munich from Germany is a 8-12l (regular munich being 4-8l)[/quote]Each maltster has their own definition, that’s why I wanted to check.

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