German Blonde One Gal Kit - Extra Hop Package?

Evening all,

First time brewer here and I’ve ordered the German Blonde single gallon kit from NB. Everything looks good except I seem to have twice as many hops (two packages marked 3.5 oz) than what is mentioned in the directions.

Is this second package placed in there on purpose (do I brew both?) or should I just consider it an “oops?”

On the instructions they call for 3.5 grams of Perle hops. 3.5 oz is alot for 1 gal., 7 oz. :shock:

If you did get 7 oz. of hops, you might want to use a scale to measure out 3.5 grams.

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Thank you, MRV, for getting back to me.

I do have a scale and measured out exactly 3.5 oz. to be used.

Are you measuring oz. or grams?

grams, grams! Oops! I did actually measure out grams. :slight_smile:

What was confusing is that it says:
“- A. Add the dry malt extract powder (1 lb. Pilsen)
and the first hop addition (3.5 grams German
Perle) at the beginning of the boil;”

I’ve bolded the confusing part.

Currently boiling the wort right now and about to sanitize my ferm bucket and accessories.

I know you have already brewed, but I don’t see anything that calls for a second addition.

A blonde ale is pretty mild as far as hops go. :cheers: