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German Beer Brand ID Help!

I have a friend who is fond of telling a story about a German friend of his who had a favorite beer whose name, loosely translated, meant “fart a$$ bang”. I’ve attempted to figure out what brand/style of beer this is to no avail. Word of advice, don’t simply google the three words unless you want addys for porn sites. I tried translating each word and searching that way and haven’t come up with anything.

Any help?

Sounds like an urban legend to me.

It’d be a rural legend, as we are a town of 18K.

My friend was thoroughly convinced that the German was serious, supposedly it was the favorite beer of his whole family and it did cause flatulence although what beer doesn’t? He can’t remember the name, and I’ve heard the story so many times that its now got me curious.

How 'bout Hasseroder Brewery?!

Quedlinburger Bier Pup Arsch Knall ... uedlinburg

Brush up on your German :wink:

We have a winner! Pup Arsch Knall. I didn’t find “pup” in the German English translator but I assume its slang for “poop”?

Apparently you can go to the pub, fill your own bottles and drink them after a week. low ABV brown ale at 1%.

no, fart.

Pupsen is the verb to fart.

My German wife found all this info so I can’t take any of the credit :smiley:

I don’t speak German, but I named one beer I made and presently have on tap “Nein Fartz Schwarz”, to discourage the problem!

Kein Furz Schwarz… :roll:

Awesome name! Does it hold true?

Pretty much, because I have 4 tappers and most of my crew doesn’t drink a lot of the darker brews, so the dark beer can’t be the cause of any releases on their part! But last Friday I had a Wiehenstephaner clone that I made and precarbed that was tapped at 5:30 pm and emptied by 8 pm, so they had to revert to a brown ale, the Schwarz, and a somewhat lightly carbed pale ale that had been put on the day before without pre-carbing. Who wouldn’t have a little residual gas after that much beer?

Danke schon!


5 gallons in 2.5 hours with 4 drinkers?!?! I can just imagine the hangovers now, LOL


No, No, more like 8 guys. No hangovers, nor fartz, all good.

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