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German Alt krausening

I thought that after 2weeks my German alt would be ready to transfer to the secondary. It is 60 degrees where it has been in the primary. I took the plastic lid off and it is still in the middle of full krausening. The airlock has been bubbling maybe once very 2 minutes. I put the lid. And airlock back in place. How much longer will it take for the krausening to complete?

Take a gravity reading. It may be finished and the krausen just hasn’t dropped. IF you’re at final gravity, you can rack the beer from under the krausen or you can gently swirl the beer to break it up. If you choose the latter, give it another couple of days for all the chunks to drop out.

Thank you.

You were right mvsawyer. The krausening was done with FG right on. Thanks again for your help.

No problemo. I’m here to help.


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