Gellatin Finings

I have an American Amber in the keg, been there for a week, and it is very cloudy. Its your basic American Amber with Whitbread yeast. Can I put Gellatin Finings in now and get it to drop clear? I have poured about 5 glasses as well to see if it would clear but with no success.

Chill it to near freezing for few days first, then add the gelatin. It’ll drop starbright in a matter of days.

normal gellatin amount? How long should I wait for it to clear?

1tsp per 5gal works well. Usually clear in a couple of days.

dissolve in cold water for about 20 minutes in a pyrex measuring cup. Microwave for about 1 minute (do not boil). Add to a cold keg.



I tried it the way mentioned above as well as just sprinking it in with no effect. Fridge is about 38 degrees. It has roasted barley in the grain bill-make a difference? Ideas? It doesnt taste bad but is butt a## ugly to look at.

Sprinkling it in dry should have no effect. My beer sits at 40F, and it still works.

Don’t move or jostle your keg. Let it sit, cold, with the gelatin for about a week. Should be noticably clearer after the first few pours (which will contain some of the sediment). If you racked on top of the gelatin finings solution and are still unhappy, you can give it another “shot”, pouring it into the cold, kegged beer. I’ve done it both ways with similar results.

You don’t really have to avoid boiling the gelatin…that seems to be a brewing myth.
I have always boiled my gelatin and it has always worked just fine.
The beers almost always drop bright in 2-3 days.

For what’s worth, here’s what I do:

-sprinkle 1 tsp in a cup of cold water
-put it in the fridge for an hour
-put it in a sauce pan, heat to just under boiling, stirring frequently
-cool to pitching temp
-pitch into secondary
-rack beer onto it

usually becaomes realy clear in 3 or 4 days.