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Gelatin in Brew?

I thought i was going mad, but i thought i saw a couple posts were people said they put gelatin in their bear to clear it up?? Did I misread or is really a practice?

Yeah, they add it to the secondary to help the beer clear. I tried it once and didn’t think it was worth the hassle, plus I rarely do secondaries anymore.

it works great if you are kegging your ales and you prefer a non-cloudy product.

I did it once to clear a Kolsch and it worked amazingly well. Just make sure you wait until the yeast cleans everything up. I did it too soon and had some green apple flavor that I’m told the yeast would have cleaned up had I not knocked them all out of suspension.

Also, I was kegging so it wasn’t an issue but it’s possible if you’re bottling that you may need to add more yeast with the sugar to carbonate. (I think you would only do this to knock a hard settling yeast out, and then carb with a yeast that flocs well.)

I’ve since found if I have a little patience and cold crash I don’t need to bother with the gelatin to get a nice clear product.

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