Gelatin in a carbed keg

Will this clog up my dip tube? My keg is carbed, my beer is delicious and flowing, but a bit cloudy (probably because I shook it like a polaroid picture to carb it)…any experience would be appreciated. :cheers:

No it will not.

but I’m guessing the first pint or so out of it will be gummy and nasty though right?

No. It’s not going to be like the gelatin you’re used to. The liquid to gel ratio is much larger. Since you’re adding 1 pack of gelatin to 5 gallons of beer, it just sticks to the larger proteins that cause chill haze and the yeast and pull them to the bottom. It won’t be much different than you’re used to on a first pint without gel.

nice, thanks guys! Wish I could pour you a pint!