Gelatin fining weirdness

I’ve been brewing for years but haven’t done any fining in years. I used polyclar a few times 10 yrs ago. I have a plate filter but it’s too much of a PITA for me. And soaks up too much beer.

So I read a little on the forum and used gelatin on a pils recently. I dissolved 1 pkg of Knox gelatin in 2 cups of warm water and split it between two 5 gallon carboys. Stirred it some and dropped the temp to 38. I let is sit for 6 days.

I kegged it last night. Call me crazy, but the beer seemed a little “thick”. It seemed to have lost a little something during the process too. Didn’t have quite as bright a flavor as when I tasted it as I racked it before adding the gelatin. Of course, the beer was colder too. (38 instead of 52)

There was a fair amount of residue on the bottom of the carboy and I’m planning on letting it sit in the keg for a few weeks too.

Any thoughts?

A half a pack of Knox per 5 gallons wouldn’t be the catalyst for a ‘thick’ beer IMHO. Many say that as a beer chills and carb’s, changes in flavor do occur and I have to agree. Perhaps this is what you are encountering.

Not to mention any kind of fining (whether it be filtering or gelatin) will remove some of the flavor qualities. It will not however affect the body of the beer.