GE 7 cu ft Chest Freezer

I am considering buying this freezer to convert into a keezer. ... facetInfo=

Does anyone have any experience with this one? I am looking to do 4 five gallon kegs (CO2 & nitro) with 1 5-10 pound CO2 tank and 1 nitro tank down the road.

How many would this hold total?

I’ve got this exact one. You can squeeze 4 ball lock kegs (pin locks have a larger diameter) and put a 5lb CO2 tank on the compressor, though you might have to lean it a little bit.

Would you go bigger if you were to do it again?
It sounds like if I wanted to get a nitro tank in there would need to go bigger?

I think that’s the one I have for charging full kegs before they go into the kegerator. I stagger four ball lock kegs and the CO2 tank on the bottom and have room for two 3 gallon kegs on the compressor hump. I wish mine was a tad bigger but I got it on craigslist for $80 almost new.

the 7 cu ft frigidare has room for 3 pin lock on the floor with a 5 or 10 lb co2 bottle with a 2x12 collar I put 2 5 gal cornies on the hump. you could replace one of the cories on the hump for your nitro. check the height of the GE from hump to top with a tall enough collar you might be able to get a corny and your nitro on it.

I have a Crosley 7 CF and 4 staggered works good. TIGHT! :shock:

CO2 outside.

My humble suggestion, from experience, put the shanks/taps on the compressor side. 8) AWAY form the kegs!

Makes getting the 4 individual kegs out in different orders, which are very tightly squeezed inside, much easier when you do not have to work around shanks and hoses.

Just sayin’! Next time for me at this point! :?


Hell, I would have a 14 cf if I could fit it down the stairs!

I spoke with the better half about me building a walk-in fridge… that got shot down to say the least!

Sounds like I am going to go a little bigger. The wife would kill me if I tried to swing a 14 cf one!! Doesn’t seem like there is much in between.

This link may help with your decision.