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GE 7.0cf FCM7SUWW Keezer Build & # of Kegs

I am building a keezer with a GE 7.0cf FCM7SUWW. I have seen diagrams of 4 ball locks sitting on the floor. I have 4 with rubber bottoms and can’t see this happening.

Has anyone accomplished 4 ball with rubber on the floor in this freezer?

My buddy just gave his GE 7.0 away and while it looked like four would fit, he said it was just a bit too tight. I have the next size up and I have four B/L in staggered. I can also fit two 3 gallon kegs on the compressor hump.

I did shove a 3 gallon in the last space, but it was tight…very tight. I can’t complain too much since I got it new from Home Depot for around $100 after they kept delaying the order. I am going to end up doing the fourth on the shelf and doing a 10" or so extension on it. I was hoping to do 4+1 and work on a stout tap on it later.

My Buddy has the 7.0cf GE and it will only fit 3 Ball lock kegs. With the collar, even fitting those in are tricky when the kegs are full.
I purchased the Kenmore 7.2cf chest freezer from Sears and am able to fit 4 kegs. It’s tight but doable. That leaves the hump for extra bottle storage, or the co2 cylinder, or even a 3-5 gal carboy to cold crash or “lager”

I was also able to pull the thermostat and adjust the course temp. adjustment screw to keep the temp right around 40-43F…no temp control needed.

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