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Gauge readings

Hey all. I have converted my mini fridge into a Keggerator and so far so good. I left the co2 tank on the outside to help with space and save gas usage as with cold tanks so goes the gas. This unit is sitting in my garage and I just went out earlier to check my tank it was reading 800 then checked it again and now at 1000. I have bled the lines and no real change has occurred and I am a bit concerned with this. It has been warmer this week and wonder if the temp is the cause as its been in the 80’s here. Should this be a serious cause for alarm or is this a normal reading. I am force carbonating a keg in the fridge and that reading on the low end gauge is staying consistent at 11 psi. Thank you

i say don’t worry until/unless something else happens.

Inside the fridge or outside. The tank will dispense the same amount of beer. 5lbs is 5lbs.

If the tank is cold, it will read a lower pressure. But it’s still 5lbs.

True the weight will stay the same, but the volume increases or decreases according to temp.

Actually both the weight and the volume stay the same. As a result, the pressure changes. :wink:

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