Gas Leak

Hey y’all. I am pretty new to brewing and need some tricks of the trade. I keg my beer, and right now I am running into an issue with force carbonating. I am attempting to put my beer under about 20lbs of co2 pressure for a couple days to force carbonate. However, my gas is leaking from the post to adaptor connection. I have new O rings and the adaptor is pretty new too. Only been used for 4 kegs now. It is a plastic adaptor and of course medal keg post. Pretty standard. Any advice on getting a better seal so that I am not wasting my co2?


First step would be to rub some food-grade silicon grease on that o-ring, which will help it seal. Then try to replace that o-ring again (pretty easy to nick those), and if that doesn’t fix it try a different new adapter.

Remember that new doesn’t always mean good.

Not sure what you mean by adapter, but if you are talking about the quick disconnect make sure the fitting on top is tight. Also, there should be a gasket underneath it. Check to see if it is there.

I got a new gas side ball lock connector off amazon and it leaked. They replaced it and the new one leaked.

Could be the connector. The one’s that don’t leak and are not a problem for me are those that have CMB on the side.


[quote=“Brews-R-us”]I got a new gas side ball lock connector off amazon and it leaked. They replaced it and the new one leaked…

Paul[/quote]Just curious. Where, exactly, was the leak?

When I sprayed starsan it was bubbling on top. If you pushed it down the little bit it would go then it would quit. Soon as you let go it would leak again.

Does this happen on other kegs if you have more than one? Same question for the QD. Does it leak on a different keg? Gas leaks suck! I just went through two tanks of CO2 before finally finding the regulator was leaking. New regulator arrived from Amazon shortly after.

Yep, I tried it on all my kegs with the same result. I’ve had the CMB brand one’s leak but a new o-ring fixed them everytime. They say the silicone o-rings are the one’s to get for the gas side but they are pricey.

I have 8 kegs. 4 made in china and 4 of the top notch Italian made kegs. The Italian are less prone to leaks and the overall quality is far superior to the Chinese junk.