Garlagering - a special time of year

Garlagering season - noun. That special time of year when the lows are in the high 20s and the highs are in the low 40s and there’s a keg of lager in your garage.


That lasts only one week here in North Carolina and you never know what week it will be. Kinda tough to plan your lagering around that.

20’s, what is that?

Theres a spot deep in the back of my garage that stays around 40year round. In the dead of winter it drop a down in the low 30’s but in the hottest part of summer its still about 40-45. Im happy about it.

Garlagering- like it!
For me that tends to be Jan. and Feb. So I’ve been brewing an Oktoberfest and one other lager in late November- December so I can lager them in my ‘cold garage’. This year I could have extended the lagering into March, and it’s starting to look like maybe April. D**n I should have brewed another lager…

It’s been 53 F in my basement for a few months. I have been a very happy man. Stick a wet t-shirt and fan on there and you’re ready to roll. Garage to lager, if it’s not too cold. Speaking of which… it might be high time to move my Munich helles out there to garlager. :cheers: