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Garbage Brew 2.0

I’m doing another garbage brew as I’ve done 1 before, and it turned into the best beer my friends and I have ever had. Unfortunately, I didn’t write anything down that time. This time will be different.

I could use some insight as to what hops & yeast I should use. Keep in mind I’m not a fan of IPA’s. Here is the leftover grains and hops I have in my inventory. My goal is to use a most if not all of the grain.

I look forward to ya’ll’s advice.

That looks like alot f Chrystal malt. Looks to be about 8 lbs base malt so I would use more than a pound of Chrystal. Through in the flaked wheat. all the nugget and another .25 Chinook at 60 .5 centennial at 15 and .5 amerillo at flameout. Would. Make a nice mildly hoppy pale ale.

Those numbers are all in ounces, meaning I only have just under half a pound of Crystal malt. What type of yeast would you use?

I lump your cars and roasted barley with Chrystal you could do a stout or Porter with with all that roasted malts. It’s alot though so if you add a all of it it would be dark and to roast imo

Omega Hothead.

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