How long do you steep the hops before bringing to a boil? I’d like to try this method instead of the 60 min addition.

I just put them in the kettle hanging in hop bags during run off and bring it up to a boil when my wort volume has been achieved.

Honestly I started doing that before I ever heard of FWH just because it was easy.

There is some debate over whether you can replace bittering hops(60 min) entirely with FWH. I’ve always used FWH in conjunction with a 60 min addition. Theory is I believe that FWH gives you a smoother bitterness and approximate IBU of a 20 minute addition. Search the forum and you’ll find a few threads discussing this topic. If they were added back after the forum change.

Same here. IMO you get a different quality of bittering from FWH that it not a sub for a 60 min. addition.

With regard to the time, I do what @hd4mark does. All my kettle hops get bagged so I just drop the bag in the first runnings while I’m sparging. It’s probably 20-30 minutes from the time I drop them in until the sparge is done and the wort comes up to a boil.