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FWH with citra?

Hey there has anybody here ever fwh with citra? Ive heard people saying that they have got the “cat piss” taste when bittering with them. But from what I’ve learned fwh is essentially like a 20min addition. I would assume i would get that gross flavor adding them then. But I wondered if the AA’s were fully isomerized, that catty taste wouldnt be an issue. Just didnt know if I would still get that unfavorable taste with a citra fwh addition. Thanks in advance for any responses.

Ive done this. While I didnt get a cat piss flavor, I definitely learned that Im not fond of citra. I did a fully citra pale ale. FWH 10 and flameout additions, and just dont like the hop. That being said, I doubt you’l get an undrinkable flavor. Go for it. See what happens. Maybe youll like it

I wouldn’t risk it - just bitter with something you like and save the Citra for late additions or dry-hopping where they really shine.

I tried a 100% FWH Citra pale ale. It turned out fine, but not really exciting, just a sort of generic hoppiness. No cat pee, but no real fruitiness either.

I definitely get catty flavors with citra when used for bittering. My ROT with this hop is 5 minutes or less. Excellent as a dry hop.

i used citra as FWH, 10min, and 2min addition and i don’t remember any catty flavors. Bittered with summit, then amarillo and citra for flavor, aroma, whirlpool and dry hop. One of the best beers i’ve made. i don’t mention any undesirable hop flavors in my notes but maybe i just like citra a lot

17# crisp marris otter
.8# carafoam
.75# french crystal 40L

1.75oz summit---- 75 mins
1oz citra---- FWH
1oz citra---- 10 mins
1.5oz amarillo---- 5mins
2oz citra---- 2 mins
1.5oz amarillo---- 1 mins
1oz citra---- whirlpool
1oz each summit, amarillo, citra---- dry hop

Agree with this, although I’ve brewed an all Citra pale ale and it was delicious. Love 'em. I think because I’m getting tired of the same old Centennial and Cascade hopped beers that have become so common in hoppy beers.

For an all-citra IPA I did a 25 minute hop stand after adding FWH, 5 min and flameout additions + 2 oz. dry hops. Tapped it today and can’t stop drinking it! Nothing catty about it. My first experience with citra and I like it a lot. It is an interesting balance between tropical, citrus and piney flavors.

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