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FWH in brewing software

FWH IBUs seems to be a hard thing to find a solid answer on. Just wondering how everyone sets FWH adjustment in brewing software. I use brew smith, by default its 10%, ,Ive heard the whole 20 minute thing but i,m not sure how I would configure that.

I call them the same as a 20 min. addition because that’s what it tastes like to me. But I have no idea how to do that in Beersmith.

When you add hops, there is the Use option for boil, FWH, etc. You can set the minutes there and it will calculate the IBUs. That’s for 2.0, I think it was the same in 1.4.

I know I could just put it in as 20 min. I know its completely unnecessary but what Im trying to do is have selecting fwh automatically be calculated as 20 min. I was thinking if I set the fwh adjustment to a negative number instead of 10 percent increase in the options menue I might get there. Time for a few beers

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