Furious about furious... diacetyl?

I haven’t dumped a beer for years, but I may be dumping 2 batches!

all started with brewing Surly Bitter with 1335 yeast. (all grain)
tasted good through bottling, but now post-carbonation, it tastes awful!

ok, in the meantime, I used the 1335 slurry to brew Surly Furious and when I tested FG (which was fine), the beer also tasted the SAME awful as the Bitter.

otherwise the beers fermented fine, the look fine, they don’t smell bad, but WOW tastes bad!

I looked at Palmers book and at my brewing notes:
may be diacetyl?
I admit I may have rushed pitching the yeast, in too warm wort.

anyway, huge bummer. I will bring over to NB, ask someone to taste.
and I may save the dry hops for another batch.

I’ve brewed about 75 batches over 3-4 years and this has never happened.
I am brewing this weekend and feel nervous…


If the wort was too warm I would imagine overpowering esters?

Is it a buttery sort of thing, or a floral / yeasty / fruity thing?

If it gets worse over time, it may be an infection. I’ve had many beers turn to butterscotch, it’s frustrating. If you pitched too warm and it tasted buttery right away, then it’s probably not infection.

thanks for replies!

I just tasted the Furious again, 3 weeks in, (10 days after I first tasted it) and it doesn’t taste worse, but still not good. Kinda of butterscotch/buttery, not fruity, not floral, not yeasty.

so maybe not infection anyway.

next brew, I will pitch closer to ferment temp.

is it ok to wait overnight, if necessary, to pitch yeast?

Too high a ferm temp maybe?

I’ve heard of lager yeast making a diacetyl precursor and it comes on during lagering, maybe something like this is happening? If you ferment cool you might consider a diacetyl rest when activity slows a bit. I do that to a lot of beers so they can finish completely.

thanks for tips!

to clarify, if I ferment in low 60’s, maybe bring up to warmer after a few weeks? and during secondary and dry hop?


had some folks taste and it’s more “medicinal” tasting…

maybe a yeast issue?

anyway, down the drain they go.

Medicinal could be from chlorine/chloramines in your water. Is it sort of band-aid/plastic-y, at all? If your ambient temps were in the upper 60’s, your beer temp was likely in the 70’s, which could cause a medicinal, solventy thing.