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Fun Brewing related Science Videos

Not sure how i missed this video but ive been capturing CO2 for awhile. I think ive mentioned some of my tricks. When a keg kicks i dont vent open and clean i store the CO2 in them. I have a discount with a tube an a simple picnic tap and i use it purge bottles, carboys etc. The other thing i do is with a tube with gas disconnect on both ends i use it to seal fresh kegs


I haven’t figured out how to capture and reuse CO2 from an airlock but ive pondered it. I always assumed breweries always recycled. How about keg condition one keg while it force carbonates a second. I’ll bet that would work

Maybe at some point in the theory above back pressure would come int play

Ultimately you would need a compressor. I like how the video above just vibrates the CO2 out of suspension

I couldn’t even find one for sale but it appears they are about $55 American. Amazon already has “ultrasonic beer foamers” under $20. The video did make me want to brew a stout.

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I like the eye candy of cascading Guinness…
I wonder how my finish sander would work? Even the oscillating multi tool…? Fun stuff!


Multi tool might chip the glass :grin:

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Epoxy the blade to a piece of plywood? OR… even to a Guinness coaster!
Way off topic… Very similar to how I clean small parts for my collection of motorcycles… Dis-assemble the carb, put in a plastic nut container, add some CLR and use the oscillating tool to vibrate the container… An hour later… they look like new!
I really veered right here…

I harvest CO2 from fermentation into corny kegs. I simply hook my blow off to the liquid out. Run a disconnect from gas out to a container of star san. After a few days pop the gas out off and allow it to fill the keg.

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That makes sense except why do you run it through the star san at all

So it purges my keg and doesn’t build up too much pressure in the fermenter.
Edit to add: then you can use it for other purging needs or to provide positive pressure when cold crashing.

Are you talking a 5gallon batch or bigger? The back pressure was my concern. I guess you could release the pressure to a second corney

I use it both on 5gal and 10gal batches. I’ve ran the kegs in tandem but at some point you still need to vent the keg.

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Spunding valve? hhhhmmm?

Interesting yeast article and corresponding video

This is a lot of fun. While long, if you give yourself the time to watch the first 2 minutes you will get the fun thesis. Oh what enzymes can do… in this case Cellulase

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